on the right track


Our Track

Solid connection of all links of transport and logistics chains.

Our development path is paved with many years of experience and the cultivation of uncompromising values, and our story is the story of the search…

…searching for parts that the rail transport market lacks, finding them and improving them to the maximum, to offer them in perfect form to our clients.

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We ensure the most rigorous security requirements for transporting sensitive goods.

By constantly investing and modernizing our fleet, we want to fulfill clients’ specific needs and ensure the safe, efficient, and effective transport of goods to the final destination

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Route Map

We reach even the most distant points and create a unique service.

Impeccable market coverage and a network of reliable partners are a priority with which we enable you to receive or send any cargo. We adopt the entire transport concept to your specific needs, from individual wagons to block trains.

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Concept of Sustainability

Sustainability through control and timely, accurate information at all times.

Every business carries a particular risk… One of our primary axioms is to replace risk with security. During the years filled with continuous learning, improvement, and optimization of every step of the transport and logistics chain, we can conclude that through work, effort, and dedication to minor details, we managed to minimize that risk.

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