on the right track

Our Track

Our development path is paved with many years of experience and the cultivation of uncompromising values, and our story is the story of the search…

…searching for parts that the rail transport market lacks, finding them and improving them to the maximum, to offer them in perfect form to our clients.

As the trust you place when you build a turnkey home, you can be sure that we will build with you on a foundation of reliability, quality, and total dedication to what we have been doing for over a decade.

Our mission is safety, both yours and what you want to see at the final destination.

With daily listening to the market and clients’ needs, continuous adaptation and improvement of all segments, and dedication to minor details, we guarantee a flawless path to achieving your goals.

The fact that we provide the client with a complete service is a unique feature that sets us apart on the market – in addition to transporting goods, we provide the client with wagons, comprehensive service of the same, availability of an employee to the client, provision of information at all times, detailed planning and availability 24/7.

The starting point of our mission is to provide the client with a solid connection of all transport and logistics chain links to prevent hindrance by business challenges, which are a burden on its progress.

We analyzed each part of the transport chain in detail and carried out a thorough analysis to offer the client a personalized railway transport service, in accordance with his needs and requirements, through daily communication, planning, and problem-solving.

25 000 / 67 000 / 100 000*

From the past, we carry the experience based on trust, dedication, and perseverance, as well as achieved results, which are reflected in the growth of the fleet of available wagons (50 railway tank wagons in 2021 versus 171 wagons in 2022 – 2 trains per month in 2021 and 10 trains per month in 2022).

Today, we foster consistency, timeliness, clarity, and transparency, occupying over 60% of the market after 12 months of operation. A clear vision and direct and optimized action condition our continuous growth.

And for the future, a proactive strategy is reserved, which includes putting into operation 175 additional tank wagons, the possibility of transporting new types of raw materials, expanding the range of our services, and implementing new ones into the network of existing clients.

* 25,000 tons of transported goods in 2021, 67,000 tons in 2022 (data to be updated before posting on the website), and an expected 100,000 tons in 2023.