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Tech Spec

BP Rail Solutions Rens – F41.185D

The Rens series wagon – F41.185D is very flexible for all-around use, e.g. for transporting heavy goods, steel, and industrial products. The wagon is equipped with holders and collapsible side walls.

Max load:65,0 / 74,0 t
Tare weight:Approx. 25 t
Axle load:22,5 t
Total lenght:19900 mm
Clearance – outer wheelsets:14860 mm
Loading lenght:18504 mm
Loading width:2646 mm
Load limits 22,5tABCD
S39,0 t47,0 t57,0 t65,0 t
SS39,0 t47,0 t55,0 t55,0 t
Load limits 25tABCD
S38,0 t46,0 t56,0 t64,0 t
SS38,0 t46,0 t54,0 t54,0 t
Voz74,0 t
Voz54,0 t