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Tech Spec

BP Rail Solutions Sggmrs(s) 104′

The wagon of the Sggmrs(s) 104` series is a modern and efficient wagon for transporting interchangeable bodies (7.15 m, 7.45 m, 7.82 m). Each wagon can be loaded with four interchangeable bodies with a total loading weight of 105 t. Thus, the length and weight of the load in the train composition are preserved.

Max load:105 t
Tare weight:30 t
Axle load:22,5 t
Total lenght:33480 mm
Clearance – outer wheelsets:2 x 13970 mm
Internal length of the cargo space:2 x 15765 mm
Inner loading width:2600 mm
Load limitsABCD
S66 t78 t93 t105 t
SS66 t78 t90 t90 t