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Tech Spec

BP Rail Solutions Sggmrss 90’E

The flexible wagon of the Sggmrss 90` E series is ideal for loading almost all types of containers, as well as interchangeable bodies of 13.6 m. The loading weight of 105.5 t is exceptionally high for this type of wagon. The wagons are adapted for the Iberian gauge (1,668 mm).

Max load:105,5 t
Tare weight:29,5 t
Axle load:22,5 t
Total lenght:29590 mm
Clearance – outer wheelsets:2 x 11995 mm
Internal length of the cargo space:2 x 13820 mm
Inner loading width:2600 mm
Load limitsABCD
S66,5 t78,5 t93,5 t105,5 t
SS66,5 t78,5 t90,5 t90,5 t