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Tech Spec

BP Rail Solutions M18.080D

The wagon series M18.080D is designed to transport liquid goods RID, class 3, 6, and 9. The products can be heated up to +190°C to ensure no discharge residues. Lower valve, DN 100, heated; T-piece, DN 100, insulated, can be heated separately. It can be filled through the bottom discharge.

Optionally, a top discharge can be installed. By adding a riser pipe, it can be converted into a chemical tank wagon, e.g. to carry phenol, benzene, and vinyl acetate monomer. Uncomplicated and inexpensive tank cleaning thanks to the externally mounted heating system.

Nominal volume:Approx. 80 m³
Tare weight:26 t
Axle load:22,5 t
Total lenght:16240 mm
Clearance – outer wheelsets:11200 mm
Design temperature:-20/+200°C