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Tech Spec

BP Rail Solutions Smmnps – F44.120E

Smmnps wagon is the optimal solution for transporting hot steel plates. The wagon is very light, with a weight of only 20.8 t. In addition, it is equipped with bogies designed for an axle load of 25 t at a load speed of 100 km/h and thus can carry a load of up to 79.2 t. The wagon is equipped with four carriers to secure the load.

It can be loaded with boards of different lengths and widths. Plates are loaded using a crane with a grab or magnets. Special load securing beams on wagons secure the load from sliding in the lateral and longitudinal direction. Plates can be filled in a hot or cold state.

Max load:79,2 t
Tare weight:Approx. 21 t
Axle load:25 t
Total lenght:13900 mm
Clearance – outer wheelsets:8600 mm
Loading lenght:12052 mm
Load limitsABCD
S43,2 t51,2 t59,2 t69,2 t
1200 t0 t0 t0 t
Load limitsGCE
S100 t79,2 t