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Closed wagons

BP Rail Solutions P81.082D

The P81.082D series wagon is optimized for transporting powder products with a bulk density of approximately 0.8t/m³ and high purity specifications. Examples of products are stone powder, cement, aluminum sulfate, terephthalic acid, urea, chalk, flour, and bentonite.

BP Rail Solutions P21.063C

This wagon type is optimized for transporting powder products with a bulk density of approximately 1.0 t/m³. Examples of products are cement, bentonite, soda ash (heavy), and aluminum oxide.

BP Rail Solutions Uagnpps – H45.092D

This type of wagon is optimized for transporting sugar. The unloading hatches are closed by slide valves operated manually and individually by handwheels on both sides of the wagon. Meets strict hygiene requirements for food/sugar transport.

BP Rail Solutions Tagnpps – H45.103D

The wagon type H45.103D is optimized for transporting moisture-sensitive agricultural products, primarily medium-weight grains. It is extremely easy to maintain, with a safe slope of 40° for emptying the grain residues of higher density. A safe passage from end to end of the tank with a ladder.

BP Rail Solutions Falns – H42.087D

Optimized for transporting bulk goods with a density of up to 2 t/m³. Integrated storage, lids open and close at least 2x without an external air supply. The covers operate pneumatically via a separate air supply (locomotive). Pneumatic folding in case of emergency (bypassing the control element).

BP Rail Solutions Facnps – H40.053D

Optimized for construction material transport with a volumetric mass of up to 3 t/m³. Two tanks with side drain on the right and left, with rotating slides. It is operated pneumatically through a separate air channel.