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Plate wagons

BP Rail Solutions Sgns(s) 60’E

The Sgns(s) 60`E series wagon is the most flexible all-around wagon for combined transport with an ideal loading weight of 70.3 t. Excellent for sea containers, tank containers, and swap bodies. The wagons are adapted for the Iberian gauge (1,668 mm).

BP Rail Solutions Sgmmns(s) 40′ – I41.040D

Wagon for combined transport with a maximum loading weight of 72.5 t. It is optimized for 20′ tanks and bulk or 40′ heavy containers.

BP Rail Solutions Sggns(s) 80′ – I41.080D

This long 4-axle all-around wagon for combined transport offers an ideal loading capacity of 68.5 t. Due to the continuous loading platform and very low tare, this wagon offers perfect and flexible possibilities for transporting sea containers. There are 30 different loading combinations for all containers, swap bodies, and tanks.

BP Rail Solutions Sggmrss 90’E

The flexible wagon of the Sggmrss 90` E series is ideal for loading almost all types of containers, as well as interchangeable bodies of 13.6 m. The loading weight of 105.5 t is exceptionally high for this type of wagon. The wagons are adapted for the Iberian gauge (1,668 mm).

BP Rail Solutions Sggmrs(s) 104′

The wagon of the Sggmrs(s) 104` series is a modern and efficient wagon for transporting interchangeable bodies (7.15 m, 7.45 m, 7.82 m). Each wagon can be loaded with four interchangeable bodies with a total loading weight of 105 t. Thus, the length and weight of the load in the train composition are preserved.